Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway!  Many commenters added in their comment how hard it was to read about all of the little girls around the country who could use HOPE and comfort.  I agree that it is hard to know that we cannot give a quilt to each of the nominated girls.  I do keep the list of comments for several  months and I have been known to contact old commenters and offer them a if we didn't pick your number there is still HOPE!
So without further jabbering the winners of the Fall into Fall Giveaway!

My son Isaac picked commenter 3 and 25--commenter #3 was Just JaiCi's Crafts and she said "I have a neighbor who's little girl has a brain tumor! They found it on Christmas Eve of 2009. She was my daughter's bestie friend...and she cried every day at church that her friend was missing. She went through so much...she had to re-learn to walk and talk! It's amazing. She's come so far...but still has a long way to go!
Thank you."

And commenter #25 is Cris A and she said "The timing of this giveaway is just perfect. A friend of mine has an 18 mo old daughter who was just diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer two weeks ago, and started her chemo last week. Right now they're hoping to "fatten" her up so she can go home this week. She is on the list for a transplant. The family remains hopeful. Kids are tough little cookies and miracles happen everyday!I was hoping to make a quilt for her but it will be a while before I have the time. And this quilt will be pefect for the chilly days ahead.
Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful quilt for little Lacy!"

I will be contacting these two ladies and arranging for the quilts to be sent to these little girls as soon as possible! Congratulations!

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Cris A said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Of all the giveaways, this is the one I wanted most :)