Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quarterly Quilt Giving Update

It has been a few months since I have shared where our quilts are going.  If you watch the Quilt Ticker on the side bar you will see the number slowly climbing higher and higher--that can only mean one thing--we are continuing to give quilts to people in our community and across the country.
Here is what has been given from July-October:

~a quilt was sent to the Brown family in Kentucky.  Their son was murdered in 2007. Here is a bit from a thank-you note we received, "His parents came to see me with the quilt and a picture of Roy. Their hearts are still so broken but you lifted them up and the thought of a total stranger feeling their pain made it seem not quite so bad." 

~a quilt was sent to the family of an Indonesian women who was  killed in a tragic accident when she was hit by a car in Michigan.  A second  quilt was sent to the driver who accidentally hit the woman.  

~a quilt was sent to a mother and wife in Chicago.  Her husband stands accused of killing their son.

~a quilt was sent a young girl in Texas who was sexually abused by a teacher.

~ a quilt was sent to Beth in Mississippi who has experienced numerous health problems lately.

~ 4 quilts were given to family members of murder victims in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

~ a quilt was given to an elderly woman who was having a hard time adjusting to a new living situation.

~a quilt was given to a woman who is going through cancer treatments in Michigan.

~a quilt was sent to a woman in Kentucky who is in the late stages of breast cancer.

~a quilt was sent to Utah for a little girl with brain cancer.

~36 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday quilts were given to children all over the country with at least one parent in prison.

~91 quilts were given to children attending 'A Day with Mom/Dad' camp.

We thank our very generous quilt donors for making all of these givings possible.  We also thank God for leading us to each and every one of these people--it is our pleasure to serve them.

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Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I haven't forgotten about you...I just needed to wait until the 1st to mail them. They are boxed and ready. It is so nice for you to post this; so that you know where they are going. :)