Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Look at this sweet little face!  This is Charlie and he received a quilt back in May from our 'Wrapped in Hope program.  His daddy is in prison which means he can't enjoy the hugs, wrestles and tickles that only daddy's can give.  His birthday quilt reminds him daily of his father's love until they can be together again.
How good would it feel for you if you could help a child feel his father or mother's love? 
We have 79 kids still waiting for a volunteer quilter for our 2011 'Wrapped in Hope' list!!

7 of of those kids have a birthday in January--January is not that far away.....
All I want for Christmas is all of the January kids to be paired with a quilter--because if you don't sign up, I will have to spend my entire vacation making all 7 quilts :) which wouldn't make my family very happy!  No seriously, I don't mind making the 7 quilts but it would be more fun if you were involved.
***update***I just added 2 more kids to the January list--Zachary and Kaylee--that makes 9 kids in Jan. who still need a quilter.  I have been praying that God would send quilters and instead he is sending more children for the list--he must know something I don't :)

Jump over to the 2011 list and have a look.  If January is too soon for you--pick a child later in the year! E-mail me if you can help make my Christmas wish come true!

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