Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh man.  

This giveaway was more than I expected.  96 comments--and almost each one of them followed the rules :) and 

gave us the name of a very deserving man who could use some HOPE and comfort.

It is hard for people like me to only pick one 'winner'.

I really wish we could pull an Oprah-type move and give a quilt to EVERYBODY. But 

that is not a choice.....

So that is why I called my mom (the keeper of the quilts) today and asked her how many man

quilts we have in our reserves.

Her answer was 4.

So we will be giving all 4 of those away--knowing that God will replace them soon.

Here are the 4 winners:

1. Shana said...

I would love to win this quilt for my Daddy. He has Alzheimers and Dementia and while he is in the beginning stages it is progressing fairly quickly and he is only 63. It breaks my heart that he will eventually not know us and I think having something tangible to hold onto may help comfort him when he truly becomes lost. Man, I really didn't want to write what I just wrote. Sometimes writing things makes them more real I guess. Anyway, This is a lovely giveaway and what a wonderful way to do it.

2. Amy said...

I know a man who recently lost his daughter in a fatal car accident in which he was the driver. He has had a difficult time grieving and could really use something to lift his spirits. I'm sure this blanket would help.

 3. Bree said...

This is an amazingly thoughtful giveaway!
My grandfather is my nominee. He's recently been moved to a fulltime veteran's nursing home and seperated from my grandmother, who still lives in their home. He has alzheimer's, and it has gone from managable to just terrible in the last year. He rarely remembers his age or anyone around him, but the things he loves right now are quilts and stuffed animals. He's reverted to a stage where he is basically like a child again, and plays with his stuffed animals all the time at the home. An extra cuddly quilt for him would mean both something special to cuddle with, and a tent to play with his stuffed animals under. Thank you for the chance to win - I know, reading these comments - that any of these entries will be a loving home for your quilt!

4.  ♥Lola said...

I'd want my grandpa to have thiss beautiful quilt. He is 97 years old, and recently had to move over 2 hours from his home. He hasn't been adjusting well. But I think something as beautiful and cozy as this, would help him a lot!

Thanks to all who entered and brought these wonderful, struggling, sad, and loved men to our attention.  If you nominated a man who didn't win--could I encourage you (if you already haven't) to send them a little note or work of encouragement this Christmas season?  I know it isn't a quilt--but it might be what gets them through another day!


Shana said...

Thank you so so much. I am so happy right now and I am crying because it is such a thoughtful thing for you guys to do. Thank you.

Carol E. said...

You are so nice to give away 4! If I were you, I would feel the same: wanting to give a quilt to each and every one. Bless you for the lives you touch.