Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking Your Hearts

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I am happy to report that I am getting what I wanted for Christmas--all of the children with a January birthday on the 'Wrapped in Hope' list have a volunteer quilter! One month down--eleven to go :)

If you are new to our site--please take a look around--and if you are a quilter with a big heart and a few extra hours this year please consider making a birthday quilt for a child who has one or both parents in prison.
I have heard some heartbreaking stories over the past year but I think this one tops the list--this child and his sister are on the birthday list for 2011 but I did change their names to protect their privacy:

    " Micah and Kristin are my sons step children. If at all possible for Kristin and Micah to recieve these quilts it would mean a great deal to both of them. Both kids have had a tough year. Micah's biological father shot both Micah and Micah's mother several times and then turned the gun on himself a year ago today. My son was keeping Kristin at the time so she was unharmed but like her brother traumatized by the ordeal. Both Kristin and Micah love and adore my son (step father) and miss him greatly as he was incarcerated shortly after the shooting.  Thank you!"

Touches of kindness like a quilt might be a significant thing in a child's life--we as the givers never know.  But we can trust that no child ended up on this list by mistake. I believe that God led each and every one of the 122 kids to us. Here is one more story behind a child that is on the list in 2011--her name has been changed too.

"Cara would like a quilt but not necessarily from her dad in prison whom she ahs had no contact with since he went away when she was 4 1/2 (she is now 13 1/2)  It would be great if the quilt was from the quilter and her friends at 'Camp Hope'.  Cara is currently in therapy for an eating disorder and part of what she needs to face is her father's abandonment--she could really use a quilt."

There are 9 kids still available in February--and many others over the following months.  
Visit our 'Wrapped in Hope' site and see if there is a child you can bring HOPE to next year!
E-mail me when you find one!

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