Friday, April 29, 2011


 Thanks to all who entered our anniversary giveaway! It was fun to read all of the comments--from ladies who have helped out in the past 4 years and from new friends who have expressed interest in helping us in the future! 
Thanks also to those who sent us quilt tops! In my mind I had a goal of collecting 25 quilt tops--enough to keep us and other volunteers busy for several months--can you believe that as of today we have received 70 quilt tops and 15 finished quilts! We always receive so much more than we could imagine :) I love that! THANK YOU!
Many commenters mentioned that they would like to help us out in the future.  We are ALWAYS accepting unfinished quilt tops and finished quilts.  In fact, last week I found out that we are going to be providing quilts for 5 prison quilt giveaways this year--last year, we did 3----that means God will have to move in a powerful and mysterious way in order for us to meet this need--all this to say, if you weren't able to help before the end of April--please know that a future donation will be happily received. 
There, now we can get to the best part--announcing the 4 blessed winners of our giveaway!

CRAFTYMAMA!! She said, "Congratulations on all the big news!
I've sent it several quilts/quilt tops. Last year I made 3 quilts for children of prisoners and am doing 2 so far this year. I'm so glad to be able to something to help those in need. I really feel that God has blessed me with quilting so that I can bless others and seeing how happy the children are who recieve these quilts blesses me as much as them, I think☺"
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RENAE!!  She said "I've helped with random quilts for your prison visits as well as your latest quilting Bee Blocks.Congrats and it really has been a pleasure to help out."
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SANDRA!! She said "Congratulations on reaching the 1,000th quilt milestone! I've been wanting to get involved in your ministry for quite some time. For my contribution, I'll be mailing two finished baby quilts next week, along with the 4 blocks I made for the Quilting Bee. I also posted info about the MHC giveaway on my blog. May God richly bless your efforts:)"
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SARA!! She said "I dropped off a baby quilt top and backing last week. Previously I have given you 14 tops and 6 finished quilts. I really am glad that I DON'T have to do the quilting. Kudoes to your happy quilters who do the finishing for me!"
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Renae said...

Thanks so much! This is rather unbelieveable as I only got one entry, I think.

You do great work and I am so happy to help out.