Monday, November 7, 2011

Quarterly Quilt Giving Update

Well, it's been a long quarter :) I believe the last time I reported on where our quilts have been going was in March- so lots to report here in November.
*100 quilts have been given to children on the 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday list.
*133 quilts have been given away at prison giveaways
*A quilt was given to 8 year old Hannah after her mom passed away.
*A quilt was given to John after a devastating stroke--it was unknown at the time whether or not he would live--but I am happy to tell you that he is at home making progress every day.
*10 quilts were sent to Japan through Quilter's Newsletter.
*3 quilts were sent to 3 sisters in California after a terrible car accident.
*A quilt was given to Anna--a young woman with leukemia
*A quilt was given to Holly for Mother's Day-one of her sons has passed away and the other has leukemia.
*5 quilts were given to homeless mother's in Grand Rapids for Mother's Day.
*2 quilts were given as part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day--Jamie in Maine and Johnnie in Alabama.
*A quilt was given to a couple who lost twin babies through miscarriage.
*A quilt was given to a Bosnian immigrant in the Grand Rapids area who was struck by a car while walking with her family.
*7 quilts were given to Safe Haven Ministries in Grand Rapids to honor the lives of 7 murder victims.
*A quilt was given to Deb as she endured chemo treatments for cancer.
*12 quilts were sent to an orphan's home in Guinea
*10 quilts were sent to organization that helps needy person in Traverse City Michigan.
*12 baby quilts are in process of going to a new orphanage in Costa Rica--they should arrive before Thanksgiving.

And so, as of today our grand total has jumped to 1265! Once again we are humbled and awed by the work that many hands have done in honor of my grandma.  Deepest thanks to all involved!

Upon seeing that my family has moved out of the country, some people have been wondering if Margaret's Hope Chest will be affected.  The answer is NO.  I actually started MHC when I lived in Armenia--I had a computer speed there that hardly let me load pictures onto the blog :) that was interesting.  Truth be told, I have never run MHC while living the the United States....maybe some day.  Our mailing address remains the same--that is my mom's house and she is not moving any time soon!
I have a nice computer speed here in Bermuda and I will continue to make quilts and send them back with whoever visits me and has room in their suitcase.  Thankfully, most of my work can be handled on the computer.  The only thing that will change is that I won't be able to make quilts for the 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday list because I don't have a way to mail them from here without paying $$$.
I am so thankful that there are so many reading this right now that will take up the slack for me :)


Lynn said...

Timely post, I'm off to the post office today to finally send some quilts your way (or I should say your Mom's way). 1265 quilts!! That's amazing, the comfort these quilts provide to so many people is an accomplishment to be proud of. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it. I'm looking forward to the birthday list being posted.

Sandra said...

How amazing to touch so many in need with the comfort of quilts. It has been a blessing to be a part of the process:)