Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to Our New Home!

 Welcome to our new home! 
The main living area is on the second floor--the first floor is the laundry, guest room, guest bath and school room. 
The second floor has a living room, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, kitchen and dining area.
I will show you more areas of the house as soon as they are presentable.
Currently, the only room that is picture worthy is the school room because we start school tomorrow!

View from the deck--Atlantic Ocean and the rain comes from that direction

neighbor's house across the street

The view from my rocking chair

Construction across the street--reminds us of Armenian construction

Ready for school!

So where is my sewing room?? Yeah, that will have to wait.  Maybe by December?????
My husband drove up our street as I was taking pictures-Bermuda is left hand drive--totally confusing!

Showing off our milk purchase (??) a gallon of milk costs about $12!

View from the other direction

School room is the bottom windows


jirons42 said...

What a beautiful setting. Can your kids learn to love powered milk?

Marsel said...

Beautiful views, inside and outside!!!

Delighted Hands said...

What an adventure for all of you! Just beautiful to have such surroundings!

Jane said...

Looks like you moved to paradise, and with a lot of space. Hope you get to sew soon!

Lynn said...

Love the school room, what a perfect space to learn (and to teach). Such beautiful views. $12??!!? Is everything that expensive?

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

What beautiful views. Sorry for the milk cost, though. And the school room looks so nice!

Marge Gordon said...

Nice to hear from you and oh how lovely your new home is. As for the driving, just remember the driver is always in the middle of the road, same as here, just on the other side. (We lived in UK three years) As for the milk, look for alternatives they may be less costly! Good luck in your new world!

Sandra said...

Lovely home and scenery! Looks like you are in for an exciting adventure. I'm thinking that rocking chair would be a good place get inspiration for future quilt projects.

Emily Haapoja said...

Beautiful! I hope you'll be all settled in and able to sew again soon. May God bless your new home!

Heather said...

Oops! The message from Emily Haapoja above was actually me. lol My daughter keeps leaving herself logged in at google and I've done this twice now! grr... :o)