Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Morning Quilt

Good Morning Quilt----

                                             --you look so much better in the early morning light. 

And when I photograph you in the bright Bermuda sunshine you really come to life!

 And to think I almost gave up on you because I thought you were too blah....I now believe my misguided judgments were based on two factors--laying you against my brown living room rug and working in dim light into the late hours of the night. 
 Now I see you for what you are....a beautiful quilt top that will brighten someone's days.

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday post.  I made this top in one week (a new record while homeschooling :)) working from the hours of 8pm (bedtime for the kids) until 11pm (bedtime for me).  I have now proven to myself that homeschooling, quilting, and sleeping can happily co-exist in my life.  This is huge. 
I used two layer cakes of Hulabaloo by Moda which made things go a little faster--and once again I used Jennifer's fantastic HST method to make the pin wheels.  Each 4 pinwheel section measures 24"--so, with the 1 inch sashing the quilt top measures 76" X 76".  I originally wanted to make it a twin size by having one more row of the 4 pinwheel sections but I ran out of blocks--boo!
I have promised myself that I will not be purchasing anymore fabric until I run out or until I die-whichever comes first---so I guess it will stay a nice square quilt. 
Hope you were able to find balance in your week too!
And remember, I am still collecting HST's for Haiti and Honduras--the more the merrier!


amandajean said...

it looks AWESOME, Carin! Hurray for finding time to fit quilting into your routine. It feels good to have balance in your life doesn't it? It's still elusive for me. But someday....I hope to get there.

Good luck not buying more fabric until you run out...not an easy undertaking, i'm sure.

thanks for linking up!

marilyn said...

I'm hoping my box of quilts made it to your moms house. Your quilt looks great. My bedtime is 9. I have no idea how you stay up so late!

Elena said...

It's so beautiful. Love this quilt.
Muchos besos desde Madrid