Monday, January 2, 2012

January/February Project HOPE--Half Squares for Haiti and Honduras!

Happy New Year Friends! We are so excited to start a new year of service here at Margaret's Hope Chest. In 2012 we plan to have 6 projects over the year in which quilters can contribute blocks or finished quilts. I am calling this PROJECT HOPE and I hope these smaller commitments will draw in more volunteers.
We don't know all of the plans that God has in store for us this year but I can tell you that he has given us a project for the first two months of the year.  We have committed to sending quilts to babies and their mothers in Haiti and orphaned boys in Honduras. 
So.....Project Hope's first assignment is Half Square Triangles for Haiti and Honduras!!
A few months ago I was reading That Girl That Quilt's blog and she was talking about 3 ways to make Half-Square Triangles (HST's).  I have made many a half square triangle in my life but my jaw dropped to the ground when I read Jennifer's Method #1 of making HST's.  Why had no one told me about this easy peasy method??  And to think I have wasted close to a year of my life drawing lines down the middle of squares--ugh.  
So friends, here is your first assignment:
1. Check out Jennifer's tutorial
2. grab some 9 inch squares of baby (boy or girl) or boy happy fabric
3. create some easy HST's and send them to us before the end of February

Here are the details:
  • Please start with 9 inch squares (Jennifer uses 5 inch squares but it will be easier for me to put quilts together if the squares are bigger) this will yield 5.75 inch HST's.  
  • One 9 inch square should be a white or off white solid or print fabric--the other 9 inch square should be a baby themed fabric (boy or girl or neutral for quilts going to Haiti) OR boy themed fabric (blues, reds, green, browns, blacks for quilts going to the boy's home in Honduras).
  • Make as many HST's as you want, send them to me and they will be put together into quilts.
         My mailing address is Carin Vogelzang  5300 Hamilton Place  Dulles, VA 20189 

Of course, if you have finished baby or boy themed quilts that you would like to donate we will accept those as well--but please send those quilts to this address:
Margaret's Hope Chest
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Here are a few to many pictures of my HST baby quilt projects I completed last week--it was really fun!!


Lynn said...

How about that, I'm just putting the binding on a quilt to send to you. Thanks as always for the oppurtunity to join in and make some blocks (and use up some fabric too).
Love the orange and blue quilt!

Rosa-Munda said...

I've just made you a stack of HSTs and they will be on their way to you later this week. Good luck with this project. God bless you. Ros x

Amber said...

This is perfect! I'm 7 months pregnant right now and don't have the physical ability to make an entire quilt (and I'm sure I won't have the time to commit after he is born), but these will light and easy! Your quilts look great :)

Katie said...

Why have I never seen that technique before?? Easy! I think I'll look through my scraps. If I make the whole quilt myself is flannel OK or do you think that would be too hot for Haiti? I have a lot of baby-themed flannel scraps.

Sara said...

Are you saying that the ONLY size HSTs you want are 5.75 inches?

I have some left from previous projects that are different sizes. Could I make them up into TOPS? If so, what size tops are you aiming for?

Sara in GR, MI

marilyn said...

I'm going to start filling a box of finished quilts for you today!

Amber said...
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Carol said...

I've got an envelope ready to put in the mail to you in the morning with a bunch of HST's...thanks for letting me play! It was lots of fun. Look forward to the next project.

Barb in Mi said...

Just read Amandajean's post, came here and got to work. Envelope soon on its way to you!

Debbie said...

Just found your website and am loving to help. Envelope on its way this weekend. I have you bookmarked to help all year. God Bless, Debbie

Megan said...

I'm seeing this very late. Are you still collecting blocks and quilt tops?

Suzanne said...

I am so glad you shared this link. I will hope to check back and see what March brings for the mission. Good luck with January/February.