Monday, January 30, 2012

HST's For Haiti and Honduras Update

We are halfway through our January/February collection of HST's for Haiti and Honduras--click here to read the original post. 
As of today I have received blocks from five awesome quilters; Amber, Sharon, Anita, Joan, and someone from Ft. Collins Colorado :)
Thank you ladies so much.  The more squares we get the more fun the quilts will be!
Please consider sending us a contribution to this project--it's fun and easy.
You still have the whole month of February to participate.
Just a quick review--we are looking for boy themed HST's for quilts that will be given to boys living in a boy's home in Honduras--ages 4-16. (click here for project details)

 We are also collecting baby themed HST's for the momma's and babies at Heartline Ministries in Haiti. (click here for project details)
These quilts will have a huge impact in lives of these families--really.  It's hard to imagine in our wealthy over saturated lives that a quilt means much at all, but these quilts will be something new and beautiful in their homes. . I recently read a blog post by a soon-to-be mother (from Colorado).  She was sharing pictures from a shower that her friends from work had thrown her--you might never believe how much stuff she had gotten--it was almost sickening to me--and then she went on to explain how excited she was for the additional 5 showers she was going to have in the near future.  My point in mentioning that is to offer a contrast--the quilts we make together may be the only gift these soon to be young mothers receive.
In December, we sent 12 baby quilts that our volunteers had made and sent to us to Costa Rica and just this week we received this heart-warming note: 
"To the family, friends, and contributors of Margaret's Hope Chest,
   In December, I had the opportunity to bring a dozen quilted baby blankets to women of the Young Lives program in Costa Rica.  These were beautiful blankets you donated upon the request of Evelyn, my mother-in-law. 
   I wish you could have seen the expressions of astonishment & joy on the faces of the young mothers who received these special Christmas gifts!  For many, they hardly have enough food & clothing for themselves & their babies.  To receive such a lovely blanket for their little ones was overwhelming!
   Thank you for your love, as shown through these gifts.
                  for the Young Lives team in Costa Rica"

Wow-huh? Wish I could have been there too!  
So, please consider joining our team of Project HOPE 2012-
we could use you!

I also wanted to add that you can send us completed quilts as well--no size requirements--boy themed or baby quilts.  Here is a baby quilt top that I threw together yesterday--maybe I will have time to finish it up this week.....


Carol said...

I sent a bunch last week...hope they didn't get lost. I'll get some more made in Feb too.

Lynn said...

I just sent some yesterday, I loved the tutorial link from the original post on how to make them quickly. They were so easy to make this way, I just may do some more for you.

Britt said...

I'm putting some in the mail to you today from myself and 2 friends. Thanks for giving us an easy and fun way to help out!