Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quilts to Haiti--Yet Another Tale of God's Perfect Timing

We had been planning on sending a large group of baby sized quilts to Haiti for a long time. But it seemed we kept striking out. Our first contact moved away.  Our second contact didn't seem terribly interested.  Our third contact didn't have a good or inexpensive way to get them from here to there.
And then......a long time friend of our family told my mom that she was planning on going to Haiti to distribute eye glasses--while there she would be staying at an orphanage and visiting some hospitals and did we have any quilts that she could take.  The answer of course was, YES and how big is your suitcase?  She stuffed in as many as possible and promised to take pictures of where they ended up.  We all believed that they would end up at a hospital and given to children there.
But, as we have learned many times over, God has his own (much better) plans than us.
The quilts have a new home in the Notre Maison Children's Home in Port-Au Prince Haiti.

 Meet Sister Gertrude.  She runs this orphanage which houses forty three children with varying physical and mental disabilities. 

 Here are some of the beautiful children who live at Notre Maison Children's Home.
On the day that our friend was visiting the orphanage they were opening new dorms for the children.
Everyone agreed that the beds looked a little plain.  Good thing our quilts were there to provide uniqueness,  comfort and softness to that room full of bunk beds!  Good thing God had that all planned out ahead of time. Another happy tale of God's perfect timing!  Thanks to all who have sent baby or small children's quilts to us in the past year!  This is also were the quilts made out of HST's for Haiti ended up--you can see one on the far bed in the picture below. 


Terri said...

That is a lovely story. You have to believe in God who can arrange things just right.

PS Please take off your word verification... I'm so careful, and still this is my 3rd try - after that I give up - so do others.

Julianne said...

Yay! So awesome!

SherryB said...

Wow, isn't God just amazing? How fun for those kids to have something colorful to sleep under, and kudos to those who work with them daily.

Lynn said...

Great post, thanks so much for sharing this.

Carol E. said...

Great story, and that last picture is a quilt I sent you. It's so exciting to see it is being used in Haiti!!

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