Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Summer Catch-All Post

I was gone from this blog for the summer but that didn't stop many small things from happening in the world of Margaret's Hope Chest.  Considering it is October-I should probably wrap up the summer posts with one catch all-totally random post.

1.) Many people have sent us quilt tops over the past few years.  We use them all--sometimes it just takes us months (or a year!).  Someone donated this lovely top a long time ago.  It was long-arm quilted this past winter and when we had a need arise this summer, I bound it and sent it off! Isn't it beautiful?

2.) We had a lovely summer work party in August.  Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts was the guest of honor and we had an amazing group of ladies together for the day.  We spent the entire six hours feverishly piecing the 1000+ ragged square blocks into quilts.  The day was a smashing success.  I want to thank Queen Bee Quilt Shoppe for offering their classroom space for the day and the ladies who came out for the day: Amy, Carol E., Stephanie, Dhia, Carol P., Lisa, Jessica, Jill, Pam, Arliss, Joan, April, Janet, and Lori.  Here are a few pictures of finished quilts!

3.) I restored/remodeled an antique quilt this summer.  Two antique tops were donated to MHC this spring.  They were waiting for me in Michigan when I arrived in June.  Immediately, I was smitten and spent a good deal of time over the summer deconstructing one top and then reconstructing it.
Here is how the top arrived:

 There were tears and stains and blocks that seemed to have disintergrated.  The lady who made this top handstiched it with very thick thread and even overlapping rows of stitching in many spots.  I picked each block apart (over 500 blocks), ironed them flat, weeded out the bad blocks, trimmed each block to 1.25 inches and sewed them back together again.  Easy to type out the steps, not so easy to actually do it!  But in the end, it was worth it....

Here are a few pictures of the final product.  I machine pieced the top but hand stiched the quilting :) a modern and quicker redo of an antique quilt top.  We are not quite sure what we will do with it--but for now my mom will use it on the display table when she goes and presents about MHC.

I stole this image from Pam's blog because I didn't actually have a full picture of it finished--so there I am holding it ;)
 Here is the second quilt that was sent.  A MAMMOTH yo-yo quilt.  It came to Bermuda with me and I have plans for it--but I just need a little more time and a few internet lessons on how to make yo-yo blocks...... anyone out there ever restored/remodeled an antique quilt before? 

4.)  I got to go to prison two times this summer!  Here is what 60 kid quilts look like in the back of my van:
I had a great day in the Jackson, Michigan prison in August.  We gave away 45 quilts to some really great kids.  Their dads were able to hear our story of forgiveness and HOPE and I pray that it impacted them in a positive way.  Again, the whole experience in overwhelming and gratifying. 
The second prison visit was a little different-and it requires a post of it's own but here is a brief summary.  There is a group of 'lifers' (people serving a life sentence) at a prison in Macomb County Michigan (all men) who are making quilts for MHC.  I was able to spend a little time with them, see what they are doing, donate some fabric and here is the best part----I gave them Amanda Jean's book 'Sunday Morning Quilts' for inspiration.  How cool is that?  I wasn't allowed to take my camera into either prison so no pictures :( but trust me it was strange and awesome at the same time-which pretty much sums up my life.  And so my friends with that-I will close.  I apologize if there are spelling, grammar, or other errors in this post--I am tired and it is late and homeschooling my children is slowly eating away at my brain.  Until next time I am afforded a few extra minutes.....keep quilting!!!


Lynn said...

Wonderful post, thanks for catching us up. I really love the quilt that you've redone.

Mama Pea said...

That first quilt is really amazing. Wow! What a gift. And you know I just adore the quilt you salvaged. It's fantastic. I was so glad to meet you in GR this summer. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in Margaret's Hope Chest! (Stephanie)

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

Lovely update. So happy you checked in.

Donna said...

I found your blog and am slowly becoming familiar with your activities. It warmed my heart to heart about your prison visits. I look forward to each post, and plan to donate and participate in the future.

Carol E. said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that yo-yo quilt. Thanks for doing the quilts-in-prisons work. I am pleased to participate in this good project.

Mina said...

You did a great job with the first quilt. Cant wait to see the revised yo-yo quilt.

Carla said...

Fabulous post. I'm a bit confused about kid quilts in prison. The kids are behind bars? Blessings on you as you bring them the message of hope and forgiveness

Sophie Belle Designs said...

Hi, first time reading your blog, what a mammoth task to unpick and re sew all those fabrics, it was worth it in the end as it was fantastic but well done you for keeping at it!

amandajean said...

Thanks so much for inviting me and letting me be a part of this fun sewing event. It's always nice to hang out with my extended Michigan family. ;)


Amanda Jean