Thursday, May 16, 2013

23 Quilts to Guatemala

In March and April, twenty-three quilts traveled in various suitcases to Village of Hope in Guatemala. Above you see a picture of the building progress as of a couple of week ago--I would assume they are even closer to opening right now.  These homes will house Guatemalan children who have special needs (I believe that many of the children have AIDS).  They will live with foster parents and live like a family.  I love that.  We collected and sent quilts for their beds where they will sleep (some for the first time) in a clean and SAFE place.  Below are pictures of as many quilts as I have pictures of.  So many people were involved in this project---amazing how God works out even the smallest details so that orphans can have some soft and warm to cover their bodies at night.


beth said...

LOVE those quilts! Makes me want to go and use that pattern RIGHT noW! YOu did a great job choosing a block to request!!!

estetik said...

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