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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Much Needed Update!!!

Hi Friends!!!
It has been way too many months since I have updated our blog and about a year since I have given an update on where our beloved quilts have gone!
I have good excuses for not blogging (NOT ENOUGH TIME!) but I do apologize for not keeping everyone in the loop on recent happenings.  We do have a Facebook group that I update more regularily so check that out if you haven't already.

The big news is that we are up to 2130 quilts given away!  That means that since my last post exactly four months ago we have given away 130 quilts! Wow!  I have been to two prison giveaways in Michigan since then--and loved every minute of my time with the inmates and their children.

Here is a rundown of everything else happening over the last 12 months:
97 went to the mother-baby program at Pine Rest
10 baby quilts went to Kenya
10 went to an immigrant family with adults and children living near church
17 went to organizations serving low-income families
9 went to children with a parent in prison having a birthday
2 went to disabled children in Haiti
7 went to fund-raisers
these are the people who received a quilt when they were diagnosed with/being treated for cancer - Barry, Amy, Bob, An, Thelma, Randy, Elijah, Ruth, Jos
6 quilts went to people who were struggling because of disabilities, surgery, injuries
5 went to children and adults who were mourning a death in their family
we sent out 9 to people whose family member was in prison (mother-in-law, sister, non-birthday)
and 73 were given away at 2 prison giveaways through Forgiven Ministries
On Sunday, my daughter Anne and I will travel to Village of Hope in Guatemala and deliver 23 quilts to children living in an orphanage there! We are so excited!!! Lots of pictures to follow from that!
Again, we would like to thank ALL for helping us out over the last year(s).  Obviously, we cannot do this alone--and so we rely on God for guidance, and volunteer quilters for quilts.
If you have an extra quilt or some time to make a quilt we could really use more quilts for the mother/baby program at Pine Rest. They are seeing more and more women who need help navigating through post-partum depression.  They absolutely LOVE the quilts and always want us to thank those who have helped in the past.

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