Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Few Examples

Here are a couple of examples of Hope Squared quilts that I have finished (or am close to finishing). The dog and baseball quilts were fun to make-and easy! The four patches are made from 4 inch squares and the larger square is 7.5 inches.

Thanks for all of the opinions on the quilt mentioned in the previous post. I am leaving it alone for another day but what I ended up doing was going back to the quilt shop and buying the rest of bolt of the green fabric and I will do two quilts-the one I started and a second using some of the ideas that were suggested!

Can you believe I received a phone call today from a woman named Rose who is donating 20 quilts?! Oh, and by the way, we received our first donation in the mail yesterday from Cathy-thanks Cathy!

It's not too late to join us! The deadline for quilts is NOVEMBER 15!

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Amber said...

How wonderful- I have been wanting to do more things like this with my quilting and what a great opportunity. I'm in - and I'll blog about it later too. Thanks!

suz said...

hi, i'm a beginning quilter and would love to donate a quilt top. do i need to "sign up" to donate or should i just send it to you? thanks!