Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today would have been my grandma's 86th birthday...well, OK officially her birthday is tomorrow. Seems things are a little different now then they were 86 years ago. Birthdays didn't carry the same weight back then, especially when you were baby number 9. So, when baby Margaret's first birthday rolled around, my great-grandma Bertha did her best to remember what day that was. She remembered Oct.21st and so that became my grandma's birthday for 64 years....until a few months before her 65th birthday when she had to obtain a copy of her birth certificate. Low and behold, she was actually born on Oct. 22nd! I love that little story from my grandma's life...makes me laugh!
Sometimes when a loved one is taken from this earth you allow yourself to imagine them still here. I indulged recently at a family dinner celebrating my mom and dad's birthdays. I imagined my grandpa and grandma arriving together and sitting side by side at the table. I imagined that my grandma ordered a beer (which she was known to do sometimes). I imagined my parents opening their birthday cards signed by my grandma. I realized it's the small things that I miss the most.
Today, I imagine my grandma would still be alive if two girls
hadn't made a really terrible choice 4.5 years ago. I imagine there would be no Margaret's Hope Chest. Not sure how I feel about all of this imagining....Happy Birthday Grandma!


Crafty Mama said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes:*( I am so sorry for the tragedy that your family has had to endure. I'm sure that your Grandma would be so proud of you and the work you do for others in her name.
Happy Birthday Grandma! :-)

Amy said...

Thanks for reminding me of the story - I forgot about that one. I can't imagine having to remember 9 birthdays there are days when I have to think hard about the 3 I have.

Magpie Sue said...

I'm' here from Quiltdivajulie's blog. Having grown up in MI this project tugs at my heartstrings. I'm going to do my best to contribute at least a top, although I have several commitments already. This effort is probably one of the best gifts you could give your grandmother - she must be beaming up there in Heaven!

Rene' said...

I just want to let you know that today I put a quilt in the mail to you...actually, it is a quilt top, quilt back, and fabric for binding. Since I'm not the best or quickest quilter, and you had mentioned you had volunteers for quilting, I sent it without quilting. Please let me know if you do not receive it soon...I insured the package and requested delivery confirmation. It was mailed via USPS. Great job you are doing!!! Hope to help again.

Carol E. said...

I am so sorry about the tragic loss of your grandmother. I put your button on my blog sidebar, and I hope it helps direct some people your way. Your project is a great honor to your grandmother. Happy Birthday, Grandma! (belated) I have at least one top I can send. If I'm ultra lucky I will get it quilted, but I can't promise that.. sorry to add to your workload.

woolywoman said...

This was my Grandma's birthday, too. She would have been 95 if she had lived. She was my best friend and I miss her terribly.