Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here They Come.....

The quilts have started to arrive! And my are they beautiful and diverse!


I know many of you are still creating your beauties and that is fantastic-you have until the 15th
of November to send them in.

We welcome the help of CRAFT HOPE who has launched us as their 5th project today! Hop over there and check them out-bookmark the site and consider helping out in future projects as well. A new project is introduced every couple of months and they all benefit some sort of charity.
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I received this quilt top on Sunday. I can't wait to finish it off and show you this beauty but I wanted to share a short story behind it-the woman who designed and sewed this top received a quilt from Margaret's Hope Chest back in February. Now, she is turning around and helping others. HOPE has come full circle-I love that!


beth said...

They all look beautiful! what an exciting project! I would love to be there opening packages...and then passing them out...oooh how fun!

Heather said...

How exciting. They look great. Have fun stalking the mailman. :)

Carmiña said...

I link you in my spanish blog.
Hope you receive a lot of quilts from all over the world.
Sorry for the lost of your grandmother in that horrible way.

Rene' said...

How great that you are receiving quilt packages in the mail. They look beautiful. I haven't forgotten about the one I promised. It is in process. Good luck collecting all of them.

Roseynana said...

A couple bandana quilts are headed your way from Connecticut!
I'm part of the Craft Hope group...I wonder, does anyone have any information about Craft Hope? Their website account has been suspended (that's the information that comes up when you click their site open) - same thing with chikaustin (Jade's blog)...???

~yolanda said...

I live in Austin and wanted to contact the lady who is in charge of craft hope. I went to the website and it seems to be no longer in operation?

If you have her contact info, please send it to me at yolandamarie73@gmail.com