Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Questions

1. What does a quilter do on Halloween evening??

She quilts her creepiest, crawliest, scariest quilt for Hope Squared!

2. What does a quilter do with her one extra hour tonight???
She catches up on quilting projects!
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Twinlinebackers said...

I would love to see more of the quilts that are arriving if you find some time to post pictures of them. I am working on the border on quilt top #2 and wondering if I have time to do another before this baby arrives or if I should just pop these in the mail.

Also, it would be nice if you put the requirements on the sidebar. I keep having to find the right post to get the info.

Rene' said...

Great way to spend Halloween!!! I know you have a deadline for this particular project. I have sent in one quilt and was hoping to send in another. However, I don't think I will be able to finish it by the deadline. Will you still be collecting quilts for other projects? Thanks.

diplofam said...

a response to twinlinebackers-I would love to post more pictures but the quilts are going to my mom who lives in Grand Rapids, and I live in Toronto :( BUT we are seeing each other this weekend and she is bringing some of the quilts for me to see and photograph.

A response to twinlinebackers and Rene'- You can send the quilts you have finished now or wait (great answer) The official deadline is Nov. 15th but the quilts will not be given to kids until Dec. We wanted to have enough time to label them all and finish the tops that we received. Rene'-we will gladly accept quilts at anytime-we serve people all year round and we always need cute kid ones!
thanks ladies for helping out!