Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

This is a video of a news story about Margaret's Hope Chest from Friday afternoon. The woman interviewed in my Aunt Marcia. She is a Kindergarten teacher in Kalamazoo (about 45 min. south of Grand Rapids) and she organized a quilt top making party at her school for our HOPE SQUARED project. Thanks to all of the students and volunteers who made this happen! 30 children will be blessed through their work!

***You have to use the fast forward tool on the bottom of the video player to minute 5:15 to watch the story--sorry, I couldn't find a video of just this story***

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Magpie Sue said...

I see you're up to 345 quilts so far! Do you think enough will trickle in to make the goal of 400? Or will those tops made by the kids put you over the top? In any event, well done!