Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look What I Got Done Today!

Did you know that you can machine sew your bindings down and still have the same crisp look of a hand sewn binding?
I finished FOUR quilt bindings in about 2 hours today and it's all thanks to Red Pepper Quilt's lovely binding tutorial that was posted today. This tutorial shares how to eliminate the final time-sucking step of hand sewing the binding down. I needed this tutorial like a car needs gasoline--I have about 13 more quilts to finish in about, oh, 3 days. Anything that can save me dozens of hours in a lifesaver! Check it out!
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Enviro Girl said...

Ooh! I see my two quilts in that pile and they look so lovely with the bindings sewn on!

Thanks for all your hard work in doing the quilting & binding!

kelly jeanie said...