Thursday, November 26, 2009


I would remiss if I didn't stop for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and thank God for all of the wonderful quilters who made the HOPE SQUARED project a success. Our quilt count will hit 500 this weekend as the few "late entries" arrive!
I am so thankful that my mom and I are up to our eyeballs (literally) in quilts.
I am thankful that we are able to GIVE to others.
I am thankful for each person reading this blog.
I am thankful for each person who made a quilt and sent it to us over the last 2 months.
I am thankful that good has triumphed over evil.


Kathy McC said...

Joyful and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thank you for all you do to touch the lives of others.

Jodie said...

THANK YOU for all of your work on this project. I am honored to have participated and it makes my heart happy to know that one of my quilts will help keep a child warm this winter.