Thursday, May 20, 2010


#6 was Lisa and she said "I'd like to win the first quilt for my sister. We were ecstatic last year when her cancer went into remission, but this year has been full of a whole host of unrelated health problems. She's currently in the hospital, again. I know she's feeling pretty hopeless right now."

I have contacted Lisa and soon this quilt will on it's way to a new home!

#15 was Stephanie and she shared "I would love to win either one for my friend who lost a baby, they named her Hope and she was still born. Quilt B would be good for her two year old"

I love that the baby's name was Hope and we pray that this quilt will bring HOPE to this family. I have contacted Stephanie and this quilt will be arriving soon!

Thanks to all who left comments and for sharing HOPE with those around you.


wilderlamb said...

I am so glad to see you guys on the Giveaway list. I sent a quilt last year with Craft Hope and hope to do it again sometime!

Lisa said...

Thank you SO much. I'm so excited for my sister. This is going to be such a wonderful surprise.