Friday, May 28, 2010

This Week At MHC

It has been a busy few weeks at MHC--many quilts going out and many quilts coming in! That's the way we like it!

On Tuesday my mom visited the West Michigan Quilters Guild to pick up the 20 quilt tops that I had dropped off in April. She walked away with 35 finished kid themed quilts! Bravo to the generous ladies who finished the tops and to a wonderful group of ladies who donated 18 quilts!!! I am not in Michigan right now to take pictures but I will post pics as soon as I can.

Our 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday program delivered 20 quilts to kids celebrating birthdays this month. I am amazed at how well this program is running--it is totally due to the fact that quilters in general are highly responsible individuals :) and in particular our volunteer quilters are passionate about our program and don't want to see these children do without something special from their incarcerated parent. Thanks for making my job so EASY!!!

In a weak moment I went to my local quilt shop this morning. I only intended to pick up some bright Kona solids. But then there was this lady in front of me at the cutting table who thought the store employee was her personal quilting consultant (I know you all have been behind someone like that before). So while I waited I was forced to look around the store and more specifically the SALE section and soon my pile on the cutting table was above my head :). Oh my. Now, in my defense, it was my birthday this week. Happy Birthday self--hehe! No really, I will use all of these fabrics to make BOY quilts for MHC--I promise! Oh, but the Amy Butler is for me--it was on sale for 6.99 a metre so who can resist that????


Katie said...

Man, I wish there was a good quilt shop here. All I have is JoAnn, and I don't think the ladies there would even know who Amy Butler is!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday...always a good reason to buy fabric I agree. And for such a good cause the more the better right??