Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am taking a vow. Today on May 30, 2010 I will begin to fill the world with more BOY HAPPY QUILTS. Big boys, little boys, rough boys and tough boys--they need quilts! We are ALWAYS short on boy-themed quilts here at Margaret's Hope Chest. I am going to do my part over the next month to fill that gap. So, from today until June 30, 2010 I am challenging myself to finish 15 boy-themed quilts. The fabric I bought last week will help plus I have several boy tops just waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.
What about YOU out there in blogland? Do you want to join my BOY ONLY month of quilting? Can you commit to making 1 or 2 boy happy quilts over the next 30 days OR pull out that boy-themed top in your UFO pile and finish it? You don't have to donate it to MHC but you could :). We have 3 quilt giveaways coming up later in the year (august, november and december) where we need a total of 120 quilts to choose from--both boy and girl!
Leave me a comment if you want to join or email me at if you need more information!

HERE ARE QUILT FINISHES 1 and 2!! Only 13 more to go!

front of quilt #1

back of quilt #1

Quilt #2-skater board themed

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Lauren said...

I am sending a quilt to Griffon for June 13th. I sent an email a few days ago asking for his address, but I never got a response. Could you please email me at Thanks!