Thursday, February 3, 2011

At Long Last

Do have every have things in your life that you just want to give up on?
That is how I have felt about the pictures from the Prison giveaways.
I have been waiting for some of these pictures since September.
I have e-mailed, and called, and e-mailed,
and asked in person, and e-mailed
and e-mailed.
And finally, finally I am able to share pictures with you of the 3 prison giveaways that I was able to travel to last year. 
Your quilts traveled with me.
Your quilts went home with these precious children as a gift from their mom or dad.
A mom or dad they don't get to see.
I want to cry for joy and sadness when I think of that.

I like how one of the volunteers put it--'these quilts are like big hugs from your grandma--her
love still on earth'
That makes me want to cry for joy and sadness too.

The adults that you see in green t-shirts are the inmates--they look like normal everyday people don't they? Yeah, I have learned that over the past year of visiting prisons....
There really isn't too much separating us.
And look at these happy faces?
Makes it all worth it.
We are going back to these prisons later this year (August) and would love to take a quilt or two along from you.
Boy-themed or girl-themed
40X60inches (approximately)
Made with love.


beth said...

what great pictures! So glad you could finally share them with us.

Marge Gordon said...

Nothing has warmed my heart more than to see the darling child that got one of my quilts. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for all you do.

Lynn said...

Makes me glad I'm joining in!

PolkaDotClassic said...

Is so nice to see all those happy faces including the parent's
Thank you for sharing the pictures.
Keep up the great work.
I got goose bumps when I saw the adorable picture of the little boy sleeping with his quilt. Such a great picture of a child safely under a quilt made with LOVE. :)

hoekstra family said...

love the pictures - great one of the child wrapped up in the quilt.