Thursday, February 10, 2011

Give a Little Take a Little

On Thursday's, this little guy and I are left alone at home while the other three are at school--yeah, the one with beautiful blue eyes.
But if any of you have ever had a 2 year old you know they are looking for action
and trouble
and attention
most of the day.

And so I have to give a little...
like spreading all of his favorite car and truck fabrics out on the floor
he likes to point out all of the cars
and he likes me to respond with 
'uh huh, blue car'
'yep, a fast race car!'

and then I take a little....
like pinning 24 one inch squares

and then I give a little....

like a few titles we picked up from the library yesterday

 and then I give a little more....
like a 4th reading of 'Little Dump Truck'

and then he gives me 2 hours by taking a
I love Thursdays.

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