Friday, March 23, 2012

A Little Vacationing and Half-Square Triangle Quilt Tops--only the beginning....

It's Friday...again.  I have spent this past week doing one of two things; cleaning my house in preparation of our guests arrival and spending time with our guests.  We are 'staycationing' (with our friends from Toronto) in Bermuda this week.  
Look away if pictures of beautiful places make you jealous:
Notice my daughter and I have the same look of concentration :) Kayaking in Turtle Bay

Crystal Caves

The whole group high above Horseshoe Beach

We have been going to a different beach each day, visiting tourist attractions that we haven't been to yet, eating good food, drinking good drinks and relaxing in our own home.  It's been so good. Even better are the tired kids (7 in total) that fall into bed at 8pm--leaving us a few hours at night to talk and arrange quilt tops--you didn't actually think that I could go a whole week without doing something quilty--especially since I have 100's of wonderful HST blocks from wonderful ladies around the world sitting in my living room!

Here are two tops that I put together on Saturday/Sunday before our friends arrived.
Both are baby quilt size and will be going to Haiti.

 Here is my box of arranged tops that are just waiting to be sewn.
 And here are the HST's that still have be arranged--so many possibilites :)

It is March 23 already which means that the March / April  Project Hope collection is almost half finished!  Click here for the details. Please consider taking a few hours to help with this project--I think you will like it--and your quilting will be making a positive impact in a child's life!


Mike Pearson said...

Nice! Love the HST's.

Sara said...

What a great trip!! Love the HSTS!!

KaHolly said...

Looks as though you are have a funderful time!!

Ann Yale said...

Makes me want to visit Bermuda! Love your quilt!

amandajean said...

it looks/sounds like you are having an amazing time. love seeing all the beach pics.

nice quilt tops, too! thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!