Friday, March 30, 2012

January/February Project Hope Collection Complete!

Well, I think it is safe to say that the coast is clear and I have received all of the HST's for Haiti and Honduras blocks.  We had 27 ladies participate!! That number is more that I imagined it would be and I am so thankful that with all of the charity projects available out there these ladies chose to help us.  Here is a final shout out and a confirmation that yes, I received your blocks (although I did send/am sending thank you notes through the mail):
So, THANK YOU Sharon, Maureen, Britt (and friends!), Lynn, Anita, Carol, Ros, Sherry, Amber, Joan, Cathy, Tami, Faye, Lisa, Joyce, Amanda Jean, Barbara, Karen, Judith, Cindy, Christy, Irene, Beth, Karyn, Carol, Emily and someone who sent their squares in a Kohl's shirt box--my husband threw the outside paper away before I could copy the address and name!!!

I have been hard at work this week putting these blocks into tops.  What fun it has been.  Each morning when my daughter wakes up she comes into the living room and sees what I had put together the night before. This morning she said,  "Wow Mom, this one is so cute--a little boy will love this one!"  So far I have put together 5 tops--3 baby and 2 boy.  And I still have a huge box full of HST's!

Our March/April Project Hope collection is going on right now!  I have received one set of blocks so far from Beth.  We welcome anyone to join us--we are collecting string blocks which I think are fun and easy.  Click here to find the details. 

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday!  Have a great weekend-I think you know what I will be doing :)


Melissa said...

That's so great! The HST quilts for all the kids will be SUCH a blessing. And they look great, too!

amandajean said...

these quilt tops look so good! i love how you are varying the layouts...which is so perfect for HSTs. I can't wait to see the next ones!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

What beautiful quilt tops! Great combination of colors and there's nothing better than making quilts for a good cause!

Lynn said...

What happy quilts! I have some blocks to send to you next week. It's so much fun joining in, thanks!