Monday, January 4, 2010


In 2010 we are starting something new here at MHC. Every two weeks we will feature one amazing quilt that we will give away on this blog. Any blog reader who knows of someone who might benefit from the quilt of HOPE shown should leave a comment or e-mail Carin with a brief description of the person you thinking of and their situation. Their name will be entered into a drawing and at the end of the two week period I will randomly pick a "winner". And so, without further ado, our first quilt
of HOPE!

Front of quilt:

Back of quilt
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The quilt measures 48" by 48".
For this quilt we are taking suggestions for a BOY who could use a quilt of HOPE. Is there a boy in your community, school or church who is going through hard time right now? If so, leave a comment (or e-mail me at with YOUR contact information, his first name and a brief description of why he could benefit from this gift. Then come back on JANUARY 18 and see if he "won"!

* Please only recommend a boy that you have an address for (or could get an address for)
*The quilt will be directly sent to the child.
*More than one recommendation per person is great-just leave a separate comment for each child.



Dena said...

Although I don't have a little boy to nominate, I did want to say I think this is a great contest. I'm sure whoever wins this quilt will love it. Thanks!

SewCalGal said...

What a fantastic contest! This is really very nice of you and fun too. While I can't think of anyone to nominate, I think this is a fantastic idea! Thank you for doing this!


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

PERFECT! my 6 year old nephew just had emergency brain surgery on saturday, he got the ventalator off last night, but this morning seems to be depressed. That quilt sure seems like it would cheer him up!
I'm a fan on facebook and got your message this morning.
thanks for all you do (ps, I have two quilt tops to send you, that's as far as I have gotten :)

Jan said...

I have a great boy to nominate. His name is Ares, he's 5, and he's my grandson's half brother. His parents are the type that appear on Super Nanny, not good, at all. He and his two brothers and one sister, are well fed and clothed, but that's about it. When Ares is visiting with my grandson, he's entranced by my sewing and quilting.

Carol E. said...

It would be helpful if you could list the dimensions of the give-away quilts. I tend to know older boys, but if this is rather small, it won't work for them.

Nan VanKlaveren said...

I have a 9 year old friend, Colton, that I would like to nominate. Last summer, he fell, and hurt himself. He wasn't healing right, and after further tests, determined that he had leukemia. He's been going through chemo and tests, and more chemo since then, and tomorrow is going to have a bone marrow transplant. It's been a long journey for Colton and his family. His mom posts on Caringbridge every night, and Colton always has a prayer at the end of her post. His bone marrow donor is in Europe, and the bone marrow is coming in tomorrow evening. He has a 30 day stay at Children's Hospital in Seattle. I would love for him to get the quilt! I'm sure whomever gets it, will be very deserving! Blessings to you for doing this!

Rene' said...

I do not know anyone to nominate, but happened to pop by to see what y'all were up to. Great contest! I will spread the word for anyone who may need these wonderful blankets. I do not think you will be short on the list of recipients. Are y'all still collecting blankets? Keep up the good work. Love to hear your stories of hope.

Katie said...

This would be a great one for the Furlong kids, Carin - one they could share and learn with together. They are still living in a neighbor's basement - I'm not sure when they will be rebuilding their house. Their names are Jonathan, Ruth, & Timmy.

King J's Queen said...

That is a lovely quilt and such a fantastic idea! Any little boy will be blessed to receive it.

Keeslermom said...

I have 2 nominations, both named Matthew.

One here:
is getting his new kidney this week, and the other:
has been really struggling with seizures.

Jody said...

I was reading the comments and my heart was moved by 'Colton's story - I'd like to nominate him too. I like to think of the time he could spend tracing the map while gaining his strength back.

Anonymous said...

My two year old grandson has an inoperable spinal cord/brain tumor. He was diagnosed in August. Presently, Logan is undergoing chemotherapy, as he is too young for radiation therapy. This will be a 15-18 month course of treatment at which time he will be old enough to be considered for some radiation trials. He is a happy, fun loving, little boy, blessed with three older siblings ages 4, 7, and 11. We pray that he won't remember most of what he has been through.

This is a very nice thing you are doing. I'm sure Logan would enjoy the quilt for his soon to be big boy bed and/or to take to chemo with him each week.

Jess said...

I would like to nominate my step son for this. He has a disease called Battens Disease. It is always fatal and so far, the tests haven't been conclusive as to if he has late infantile or juvenile. The age rages for both are different but his doctor says between 10-15 years of age. He's currently 8 years old and this would be perfect for him (except that he would probably chew on a corner a bit). Thanks and this is a great idea. I hope whoever gets this quilt absolutely loves it!