Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polka Dot Obsession Part Two

224 HST(half-square triangle) blocks made of assorted polka dot fabrics

 I made this quilt top while trying to participate in Goddess in Progress's HST sew along.  
I was supposed to only do 8 HST's a day--I averaged around 75 a day.  I have problems controlling my rate of sewing!  While others in the group are still sewing HST's together in group of 8's--I have finished the top and am moving on to other projects.  I am feeling guilty--sort-of :)

60 left over polka dots squares paired with various solids

This quilt top was designed by a group of 3rd graders at my kids school last week.  I did a similar project  last year.  This year, to make the project easier for me, the squares are 5 inches instead of 2 inches.
I will show the quilt top to the kids tomorrow--they will be excited to see it!


Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

That top quilt is FANTASTIC!!! (not that I don't love the bottom one, too...)

beth said...

those half square triangles SHINE!!!

tubakk said...

And even another quilt top as well. You are incredible. Happy week end to you!

Sandra said...

Love the HST quilt! Wow! The black makes those polka dots pop! Nice job:)