Friday, November 12, 2010

Seeing Double and Other Odd and Ends

I'm glad you were wondering what I have been doing this week because I really wanted to show someone these matching farm-themed tops.  I have decided to make two of every top again--if I have enough fabric of course.  I guess I figure if I am going to go through all the work of finding the fabric and cutting it out--I might as well make two!  I used Cluck Cluck Sew's Road Trip Quilt pattern--a very easy pattern to cut and sew and guess what ladies, it has no matching seams--perfect for when you are having one of those days where perfectly aligned seams are the least of your worries!

 Yes, that is my back yard.  And yes, I left the toys there on purpose because  I am too lazy to move them  I thought they would add to the playfulness of the quilts.  And yes, I did crop out the broken plastic patio table and chairs that I am also too lazy to throw out my kids use for all kinds of imaginary play. You're welcome.

And after what seems like FOREVER I have finally allowed myself to play with pink fabric again.  
In May of this year I put myself of a special boy-only quilt diet. There are a few examples of my boy-themed work Here, Here, Here, Here.  Six months later I still feel a bit icky about making girl quilts--and my eyes are now drawn to the sport prints on  I wonder if I have poisoned my quilting life forever.......

On a completely different note, many people have generously offered to send quilts for our prison giveaway coming up on Dec. 4.  This is a friendly reminder that if you were planning on sending us something-you should probably be doing it within the next week or so. 

One more item I should mention--I am adding 25 more kids to the 'Wrapped in Hope' list tonight! 
Please take a look at the available children and e-mail me if you are interested in quilting for one!


Pat said...

Nice job on the quilts! I just made the Fair and Square...soon I will need to try this one!

sunny said...

Please send me your mailing address for the Dec. 4th prison event. I have a quilt that I'd like to donate.

Sherry in IA said...

LOVE those farm quilts. I'm going to check out the pattern and add to my "must-do" list. And I like the idea of making/cutting out two quilts at once...makes sense, doesn't it?
I have some quilts to send hopefully this week--working on binding right now! Thanks for the reminder.