Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adding Four New Kids to the Wrapped in Hope List

Happy Wednesday!
I am having a very busy and emotional week so far--lots of cleaning, cooking and sewing, thinking, dreaming, wondering and worrying.  I am tired.  I realized again this afternoon that Satan is very sly and clever-he delights in creating disunity so that the work of Christ might be interrupted.  Trying hard to keep that in my mind for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, our 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday quilt program just grew by four!  Four special children need a quilter to make them a quilt--are you that quilter?  Here are the new additions!

Sonny will be 4 on July 11--He loves baseball, soccer, football.  Spiderman, Batman, and blue and red.
Bianca will be 6 on July 23--she loves Disney princesses, flowers, Strawberry Shortcake and the colors pink and purple.  Teresa

Eric will be 4 on June 18--he loves dinosaurs, cars, red and blue. Lynn

Yaleana will be 8 on April 28--She loves pink, purple, yellow, cheerleading, and puppies. Anita

E-mail me or leave a comment if you can add some HOPE and comfort to these lives!

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sunny said...

I choose Sonny!!