Thursday, March 31, 2011


Occasionally, we receive thank you notes from some of our quilt recipients. It is always nice to be reaffirmed isn't it? Well, this week we were reaffirmed twice--and by 'we' I mean all of the volunteers out there who are making quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest.  I can't say this enough--we would not be where we are today (which is on the doorstep of giving away 1000 quilts) without our marvelous, incredibly talented and generous volunteers!!

So, this first note was written to MHC but it really should have gone to one of our volunteer quilters named Linda.  Linda made these matching quilts for twin girls who were turning 3 this month.  The girls have a father in prison and are part of our 'Wrapped in Hope' program.
 Aren't they sweet? 
Here is what the girl's mom wrote: "My daughters Emma and Adrianna received the quilts that were made for them.  They are absolutely beautiful!  They call them their "special blankets" and carry around the birthday cards.  This quilt couldn't have come at a better time--we are convinced that there are caring and non-judgemental people willing to donate time and use their talents for others.  This solidified our faith in people and God.  We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful gift."
 I love this note because it tells me that we are doing just what God has sent us out to do--bring hope and comfort and draw people closer to him. Excellent.

The second note I received is quite personal for the author so I won't share the whole thing. This young girl received a quilt from MHC last summer.  She had been sexually abused by an adult in her life and when that adult was about to go on trial for what he did--he killed himself.  He left behind a very confused and hurt girl.  Her mother (guided by the Holy Spirit for sure) chose just the right time to give her the quilt we had sent--this is what this precious child wrote to us: "Let me tell you....I really needed that quilt.  Somehow after getting it, I felt a calm come over and felt the warmth engulf me.  I was touched by your story and I'm truly thankful. Thank you so much! And oh man, it's being used a lot!  It is beautiful!"

So my friends,  please keep the quilts coming--they are finding new homes with the people that only God has the wisdom to arrange.  He is working out his perfect plan through me and you and Margaret's Hope Chest.



Maureen said...

What beautiful affirmations that Margaret's Hope Chest is fulfilling God's purpose. So many blessings have come out of your tragic loss.

The Tulip Patch said...

Wonderful! Just as the quilts came when most needed, so did those sweet letters. God is smart like that!

Brittany said...

Those are beautiful! And I just noticed that one quilt has pink binding and the other has green!