Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday--Time to Show What We Been Up To!

 It's time to give my weekly accounting of what's been going on in the world of 'Margaret's Hope Chest'.  I am enjoying linking up at 'Freshly Pieced' and seeing what other quilters are doing--I never fail to be inspired by something I see over there.  
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Plus, Lee is starting a new quilt-along-check it out.  Personally, I can't join right now because of the commitments I have made for the kids school fund raising auction.  Speaking of which--here is the start of the Dr. Seuss quilt.  I have to embroider around the hats and add the bow ties still but you get the general idea of where I am going-wonky, bright and fun!

 My big finish of the week was Steven's quilt.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  I love the colors and the boldness--and I think it might even pass for a modern-ish quilt--can I get a confirmation on that from a 'modern' quilter out there?  His birthday is the 24th and so I will send it out on the 22nd from Alabama--phew! And in other fantastic 'Wrapped in Hope' news......I only have 3 more available kids on the list!!!! That means we have matched 144 kids with volunteer quilters so far-only by the grace of God has this happened.  Current volunteers spreading the word through their own blogs seems to be our best form of advertising.  I am praying that those last three kids are picked up very soon and I can move on to the next project :) FYI- Those 3 remaining kids are:

7-9-99--Kevin from Georgia will be 12--sports, basketball, football
11-18-94--Kyana from Georgia will be 17--jewelry, blue, puppies
12-12-92--Santana from Georgia will be 19--Bright colors


Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

That Dr. Suess quilt is so clever! It will be AWESOME when it's done.

Steven's quilt turned out fab!

Lee said...

Steven's quilt is not modern-ISH - it is completely 100% modern! It looks fabulous and the quilting is amazing.

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a fabulous week. : )

Elizabeth D. said...

I adore what you're doing with the Dr. Seuss quilt - so cute! And Steven's quilt looks great - I love how you used the solids, it looks fantastic :)

Jennifer said...

That Dr. Suess quilt is awesome! What a great idea!

Lynn said...

I love the Dr. Suess blocks, really inspiring. I bought some Dr. Suess fabric a few weeks ago just because I liked it and have now idea how to use it, yet. Love the sashing on Steven's quilt. Fantastic. Only 3 left, come on people!

Mary Jo said...

Beautiful quilt and fun, fun, fun Seuss blocks!!

Melanie said...

Love your use of solids on Steven's quilt!

The Dr Seuss quilt is very clever!

Happy WIP Wednesday!

Tommy said...

I have never seen so many unique patterns on quilts. I love the kids fabrics and how they turned out in the quilts.

How does one choose from such a beautiful set of choices and patterns?

Tommy said...

I can use this to influence some sewing. I love to print off your ideas and post them on my bulletin board for all to see. Thanks from all who love your ideas.