Friday, March 4, 2011

Bee's Nest of Activity

The potatoes are boiling and the meat is cooking but I wanted to jump on here and thank everyone for a very busy week.  Thanks to so many of you our quilting bee is completely full! I spent the week composing guidelines, e-mailing new and old volunteers and setting up a new Flickr group.  And it feels good.  I am so very thankful for the way God orchestrated this bee and I can't wait to see it all come together.
Speaking of 'Wrapped in Hope', I wanted to let you know that there are still 14 kids available between the months of May and December.  I am going to highlight those 14 here is hopes that someone reading will be able to help out:
5-24-94--Jamarcus from Georgia will be 17--purple, swimming, basketball, football, wrestling
6-10-94--Dominique from Georgia will be 17--purple, pink, horses, volleyball, ballet, dogs
6-23-09--Sabastian from Louisiana will be 2--dogs, hockey, football
7-9-99--Kevin from Georgia will be 12--sports, basketball, football
7-18-99--Krishay (girl) from Georgia will be 13--yellow, soccer, clarinet
8-16-02--Juan Carlos from Georgia will be 9--blue, white, green, Incredible Hulk
8-24-99--Alexis from Georgia will be12--Green, blue, yellow, NO PURPLE, clarinet, animals, bikes
9-9-94--Laron from Georgia will be 17--flying, Air Force, sports
9-12-97--Montevies from Georgia will be 14--sports
10-31-93--Swan from Georgia will be 18--purple, animals
11-2-95-- Keyleon from Georgia will be 16--purple, gold, green, football, basketball
11-9-03--Blakeston from Georgia will 8--football, blue
11-18-94--Kyana from Georgia will be 17--jewelry, blue, puppies
12-7-95--Alexsia from Georgia will be 16--basketball, orange, green  
In case you are new here--'Wrapped in Hope' is a birthday quilt giving program for children with at least one parent in prison.  Volunteer quilters sign up to make a quilt for a child in the theme indicated.  The quilter then sends the quilt directly to the child for their birthday as a gift from the incarcerated parent.  I don't think I am being biased when I say that this program is a real blessing to these kids and their families.  We are giving HOPE and care in the form of a quilt :) LOVE THAT!  
Here is a note a received a few weeks ago: 'Words can not be explained or expressed of how you and the volunteer have done for my son! His birthday was on Friday and it came on Saturday sadly I missed the mail and went on Monday once I received the box I told my son open it and he tore up that poor box lol. He was so happy to see the blanket! He loved the animals and colors, on the back has green with little hearts and he says he can now sleep with all his family because of the hearts. Your company made my sons 5th birthday weekend! His dad sent a card n we acted like there was $20 in it but he said that he could have just sent the blanket!'
Have a great weekend everyone! If the germ that is traveling around the Kindergarten class doesn't attack before tomorrow morning I am going across the border to New York to send out some quilts and buy some cheap American food :)



Jennifer said...

I am so excited to see how quickly the bee has formed! Isn't it amazing when God turns something negative into such a positive? This is going to be so much fun. Thanks for putting it together!

Jennifer :)

Sara said...

I'm just curious. Why are so many of the kids in Georgia?

Me said...

I just sent an email. I would love to help out. Lisa