Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilting Bee Update

Wow! Yippee! Awesome! 2 days after opening up the MHC Quilting Bee we are almost filled up! Joshua, Jordan and Frankee are FULL.  I still have 1,2 or 3 spots open for Meyon, N'Tari, and Harmony so please let me know if you are interested!  Refer to the original post for details on the original kids. At this point I am not even making any blocks--which is a miracle in and of itself--but I will be putting the first 3 quilts together and my mom will be putting the next 3 together.
I am working on an e-mail to all participants that will go out tonight with further details and guidelines.

Well, the noodles and sauce are on the stove so I don't have time to find the exact words to describe how good it feels to have so many people jump at the chance to join our Quilting Bee--thanks!!

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Finn said...

So happy to help in this way also Carin. It's wonderful that something soooo positive came from someone's cruelty. They say God never closes a door without opening a window :-)
Nice to have that fresh air blowing in, isn't it? Big hugs, Finn