Sunday, December 13, 2009


Another beautiful top finished. Can you tell that I picked all the best tops to finish off myself? I guess that is one of the perks of being the boss-first dibs :)
Look at the detail on this top. Each of the pieced blocks is it's own masterpiece! Another great contribution by a talented quilter! I happened to have the coordinating yellow fish print for the backing-love it when that happens!

With all of the quilt collecting chaos going on over the past two months I haven't had to a chance to talk about the quilts we have given to other families and individuals.

*A quilt was given to a family from Kalamazoo, MI who lost their house in a fire last month.

*The Perez family of Grand Rapids received a quilt to comfort them as the one year anniversary of their daughter's untimely death approached. My mom was able to hand deliver it and offer them some encouragement and hope.

*A young girl requested a quilt for her friend who has cancer. We were happy to give her a special quilt to share with Raegan.

*A beautiful quilt was sent to Amber in Michigan--her mother asked us to send her a quilt for comfort as the year anniversary of her partner's death comes closer.

*A family in Maryland recieved a quilt after the baby they were carrying was born too early and died.

* 5 quilts were given as Christmas gifts to the spouses of 5 Alzhiemers patients.

*This year, Jane from Massachusetts will be celebrating her first Christmas without her husband-who died quite suddenly this summer. We sent her a quilt for comfort and strength.
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Carol E. said...

It's wonderful to know where the quilts are going. I love to know they are comforting people in need. And thanks for making this quilt look so gorgeous! I made it, and it just looks fabulous with your quilting, backing, and your wonderful description of it. Thanks! So fun to see it done.

Relatively Ririe said...

I am the aunt that wrote about my nephew Peyton and his year long battle with cancer. He just turned eight and was baptized last weekend. It was breathtaking to see that special ordinance fulfilled. You're kindness has touched our hearts forever and I can never express how truly grateful we are and how precious you are for taking the time to make this craft. You are always in my prayers and I hope you don't mind me adding your link to my blog.
America Ririe