Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emotional Oxymoron

I am not sure there is a word that describes what I am feeling today. It is a cross between hope/excitement and disappointment/sadness.
I am excited and hopeful because this evening in Grand Rapids, a group of volunteers will be distributing quilts to 10 wonderful children! This will be the first giving of HOPE SQUARED quilts! My friend Jen has gathered 6 people to play games, read books and share yummy treats with these kids. I so wish I could be there but ya know I live 6 hours away....but I did ask a professional photographer to go along and capture some great shots of both kids and quilts. Can't wait to see the pics!! Pray for these volunteers as they share HOPE with the kids and their parents.

I am disappointed because I spent all weekend working on a quilt for Peyton, and he died this morning before he was able to be wrapped up in it. That sounds really selfish.
I am sad for his family, for his mom and dad. I am sad because I have 4 beautiful healthy children and I KNOW that life is so very fragile and everything could change at any moment.
My hope now is that this quilt will bring comfort and hope to his family--he has 3 brothers and a sister.


Carol E. said...

After reading the blogs, etc., I can almost guarantee you that the manatee quilt will be cherished and loved by Peyton's family. How sad, and yet how wonderful that you can give them this gift. They need to know that Peyton will not be forgotten. This is a tangible sign.

Laura said...

I was quite shocked to read your blog. The son of a friend of ours just got diagnosed with this same brain tumor :( He is at St. Judes in Tennessee. I read Peyton's story and blog and am touched. So sad... Your quilt is beautiful and will be loved by all in Peyton's family I am sure.