Friday, December 18, 2009

Personal Quilting

Just in case you thought I only did quilting for Margaret's Hope Chest....
here is a little proof.
I was snooping around the internet last night and I visited Jennifer Chiaverini's website. Do any of you enjoy her books as much I do? I just love reading about quilters (actually, I went to the website to snoop around and see if Elm Creek Quilts really exsists-because I want to be a camper :)Sorry, it doesn't really exsist). Anyway, I came across this project and decided to make a block and add Margaret's Hope Chest to the charity list. Maybe you want to join too! It was fun to play around with "adult" fabric again.

I also saw that Sew, Mama, Sew has this "contest" going on. Do you know someone who might be nominated? I have enjoyed reading about others that have been nominated like Crazy Mom Quilt's Amanda Jean and Jade Sim's Craft Hope!! If they win I would be happy!
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hoekstra family said...

I just nominated you!

san said...

I nominated you girls, I hope more folks do the same. My maiden name is Tazelaar, my Auntie Beezie Pluister R.I.P. used to live in Holland, my dad is from the Netherlands. I love to see so many of my "relatives" doing good. Keep up the great work!