Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Cat

Frequently, as I browse other quilters blogs, I run across photos of their cats. It seems cats have a fondness for quilts-especially when the quilter is trying to take a picture. Well, I have my own cat. His name is Josiah and he is jealous of my affection towards quilts. This weekend, I was trying to photograph 500 quilts as quickly as possible and he was right there in the middle. Finally, I decided to postpone my picture-taking until the "cat" was napping!
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Gin said...

Hahaha... maybe he'll take after you and hiss grandma and will become a fine quilter! What a cutie!

Carol E. said...

Oh, he is the cutest cat I have ever seen!

Christene said...

He's a kitten. The cutest little (is that red hair??) kitten.