Monday, April 9, 2012

Quarterly Quilt Giving Update

Our last giving update was in the beginning of November and since that time our quilts have gone to the following people/places:

*37 birthday quilts have gone to children in our "Wrapped In Hope" birthday quilt program for children who have a parent in prison.  

*We have given 10 other quilts to family members and/or children of prisoners that were requested - these were adults and children. 

*A Christmas quilt went to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  

*Diane, Dale, Pati, and Ellen got quilts for their time in treatment for cancer or other medical issues, and Judy received a quilt as she mourned the death of her mother and sister. 

*Two women in Texas each received a quilt - one to a mother mourning the death of her son by a hit and run driver, and the other to the driver responsible for that teenager's death. 

* Two different families in Alabama were sent quilts as they rebuild their homes destroyed by tornadoes last fall.  

*15 quilts went to the Salvation Army Family Services organization.

*14 quilts went to the International Fellowship church as they reach out to recent refugees living in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

* 25 quilts went to the Father Fred Foundation in Traverse City who minister to under-served persons through a clothing and food bank. 

*One quilt traveled to Indiana as part of a fund-raiser for the VanderMeer family who are adopting a child from Haiti.

That is a total of 112 quilts given in the past 5 months.  It is always amazing for me to see the 'bigger picture'.  The big picture is this: God continues to bring us volunteers who continue to make quilts.  He continues to bring people to our attention who need HOPE and comfort. He continues to give me and my mom strength, time and resources to run Margaret's Hope Chest.  We are coming up on our 6 year anniversary and to date we have given 1,378 quilts--to God be the glory!!




KaHolly said...

Awesome!! I know how it makes you feel. I collected over 20 quilts for the NICU at the local military hospital and when I passed them along on Saturday, I almost cried. Keep up the good work.

Maureen said...

Reading this post gave me goosebumps! I am so blessed to be a small part of this ministry that reaches out to share His love with hurting people. May God continue to bless the outreach of Margaret's Hope Chest.

marilyn said...

Amen! Glad to be a small part too.

Lynn said...

Me three. Thanks so much for sharing this, it's nice to hear that our sewing brings so much comfort to so many people.

beth lehman said...

i love hearing this kind of update!

Florence said...

god bless us and those that are helped,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and above all ,,,,you who are making this happen,,,,

SeeLifeMarvels said...

Heartwarming. Sewing, definitely in this capacity, is a moving meditation. There is just so much love that spreads. Thanks for the privilege to help.