Monday, April 16, 2012

Fifth Anniversary Quilt Giveaway!

Almost Thirty-seven Years Ago... 

*my mom (I am assuming) took this picture of my grandma holding me. I was her 3rd grandchild (out of a total of 17!.

Seven Years ago....

*my 81 year old grandma, Margaret Herrema was pushed to the ground during a purse-snatching in a grocery store parking lot.  She suffered a fatal head injury and died on April 30, 2005.

 Five Years ago....

*my mom and I started Margaret's Hope Chest on the two year anniversary of my grandma    Margaret's death.
*we had zero volunteers.
*I lived in Armenia and had 3 small children.
*we had no fabric except our own personal stash.
*we have given away zero quilts.
*we had no idea what an amazing journey God had planned out for us!


*my mom and I are still co-directing Margaret's Hope Chest--she runs the 'home-front' operations-sending quilts, collecting quilts, attending quilt guild meetings, speaking to local groups in our home town. I handle the internet operations-blog posts, e-mail communications with volunteers and recipients, and planning projects.  We both make quilts.  
*we have somewhere around 100 volunteers--although close to 400 ladies have helped us over the past 5 years.
* I live in Bermuda and have 4 small/not so small children.
*we have an amazing collection of donated fabric!
*we have given away 1378 quilts!
*as we look over our shoulders at the past 5 years we are amazed at the path that God has led us on.  It is amazing.

 We Are Celebrating Five Years by Having a Giveaway!

We are giving away 5 quilts to celebrate 5 years!
Do you know someone who could use a gift of HOPE and comfort?
Look around at those in your neighborhood, school, church, workplace and family.
Does the name of a man, woman, or child come to your mind?
Quilts don't take away death, sickness, sadness, or loss but they do bring comfort and HOPE-and a sense that someone else cares. 
   You have a chance to nominate someone to receive one of the following quilts:

#1-A quilt for a man or older boy.
 #2--a quilt for a younger boy (cowboy themed)
 #3- A quilt for a younger/middle ages girl.
 #4- A quilt for a young child (boy or girl-farm themed)
 #5-A quilt for an older girl (teens) or a woman.

Here is how to nominate a person you know:
1. Leave a comment or send an e-mail with the first name of the person you are nominating, why you are nominating them and the number of the quilt (1-5) you wish for them to receive.
2. Please include your e-mail address so I can contact you.
3. BE SURE YOU HAVE THEIR MAILING ADDRESS or a way to get it if you 'win' the quilt for them.
4. Check back here on April 27 and see who the quilts are going to--I will also e-mail the 'winners'(we will choose recipients through a random draw).
5. The quilts will be mailed on April 28 and they will arrive at their destination on April 30th--the 7th anniversary of my grandma's death.  On that day, even though our family will grieve, it is our desire that these quilts will bring HOPE and comfort in Margaret's honor.

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KaHolly said...

What an absolutly generous give-away!! You are so kind.

Leah said...

What a wonderful giveaway.

I`ll nominate Emily (Quilt 3). Emily is the oldest of 5 children. Her mom is currently in a battle with breast cancer (its been a long battle and her mom is currently undergoing another round of chemo). One of her brothers has Cerebral Palsy and her youngest brother has Down`s. Emily has been raised with wonderful love and support for her family and has been encouraged to follow her dreams. Next year her dreams include leaving home and heading to university.

Lynn said...

What beautiful quilts, and such a perfect giveaway. I know they will bring happiness to many people, both the nominators and the receivers. I just blogged some blocks for you, they will be mailed out today!

Renae said...

I'd like to nominate a family at our church who has recently moved here locally. Their 5 kids are struggling with the move in the middle of the school year as well as the tragic loss of some family friends in their previous town. Recently their grandma had a stroke and their mom has had to leave to help out with that situation. Their job situation has improved by the move,but the still are struggling and trying to stay positive.

I'd say for them either #1 or #5

Anonymous said...

I'd like to nominate my friend Rose. Rose adopted a little girl from foster care and also helps her daughter's auntie with 8 siblings and cousins. Any of the quilts would be great for the auntie and kids, though I'm thinking 1, 3 or 5 because a majority (6) of the kids are girls.

Grace said...

What a beautiful way to bring some beauty from the ashes of your family's tragedy!

I would like to nominate my friend Kim. She is married to a Highway Patrolman, and a stay-at-home mother of 5 children. 2 years ago this May 4, she gave birth to her still-born daughter Madelyn Hope. She also has turned her tragedy into hope for others. For the second year in a row, she is doing May for Madelyn, where she raises money during the month of May to donate to the organization Caden's Cubs. Caden's Cubs donates gift cards to the Build-a-Bear workshop, so that the siblings of infants lost at birth can make stuffed animals to remember their brother or sister. Kim has gone through so much, but even in her pain is making a difference for so many others. I would love for her to have Quilt #5 in honor of her Madelyn Hope!

Bernadette said...

I nominate Christina, a mom of three kids under 6, who started breast cancer treatments last week. The timing would be perfect since she has to move out of her home at the end of the month (they sold their house before she was diagnosed) and will be moving in with her mother. Quilt 5 or 1.

Carol E. said...

I would like my friend, J, to get the woman's quilt. She is a mom of two adult kids. Her older child has completely separated from her - no communication at all. J grieves over this and is trying to keep her heart open and ready for a relationship if her daughter decides to reconcile. J recently found out third-person that her daughter is moving to another state. Her hopes for reconciliation are dimming.

KatieKate said...
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KatieKate said...

I nominate Micah (age 3) for quilt #3 or 4. Micah and Rylie met a year and a half ago at horseback riding therapy and have been friends ever since. Micah has SMA (, or spinal muscular atrophy and is confined to a purple wheelchair (with wheels that light up, I'll have you know) because her leg muscles won't let her walk. We sure do love Micah... and Micah loves pretty things. Pretty things that are girly... pink, purple, long hair, cowgirl boots, school, you name it. She's all girl. And all heart.