Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Home for Some Baby Quilts

Today, 12 of the baby quilts that our volunteers have made traveled to new homes.
Each was chosen by a dad who is currently in prison at the Western Youth Institution in Morganton North Carolina.  Each quilt was carefully wrapped around a baby that spent 6 precious hours with a father they hardly know.
Each quilt became a special gift to a child--a concrete symbol of comfort and love. 
I was unable to go to the prison this time but I know that Forgiven Ministries, who went into the prison to share Jesus' love with 12 young dads (this prison houses 13-22 year olds)  told them about Margaret's Hope Chest and our story of pain, forgiveness and HOPE.

We do accept baby quilts for uses such as this--we are running a little low right now so please consider donating one to us.  E-mail Carin if you need a mailing address.

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Joylynn said...

My uncle-in-law lives in Morganton, and we would visit there from time to time when we lived in Greensboro, NC. It's beautiful country up there and beautiful work that Margaret's Hope Chest is doing.