Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent Sewing

Thanks for all of the comments on the last post.  I feel a little bad about airing my dirty laundry on the blog--if you read here often you know that I try to keep things positive but this time I was having a pity party and I wanted some company blogged out of character.  I am back in character now and we are moving on....

So, here is what I have been up to lately.

In December I received the most amazing box of fabric from a very generous lady.  I used some of the scraps in the box to start this top.  I ran out of the grey Kona so until I can restock on that--it will stay this size.  I hope to add a few more rows to the width.

Although I prefer to use free patterns from the Internet--I do occasionally buy a quilt book.  In November I bought Cherry House's 'City Quilts' and I love every quilt in that book.
I tried out the City Sweets pattern on this 'Wrapped in Hope' quilt for a little girl named Naimbi.
She loves blue so I went with that and added the flower print to make it a little more girly.
Hope she likes it!

And this is what happens to quilts in my house.....

they become a playing surface for Josiah. 

I made this quilt in record time right before Christmas.  I had a special delivery to make on Christmas day to a woman named Connie.  I heard about Connie on the radio station I listen to. Connie has lived a very hard life--she has been abandoned by her family and is now living with a young family in the Grand Rapids area.  She has many health problems and she doesn't have health insurance (has been an illegal immigrant since she was 13).  The woman she lives with asked people in the community to help her give some Christmas presents to Connie.  As soon as I heard that Connie was blind I knew I wanted to make a quilt that was both beautiful to look at and beautiful to feel.  
I found fabrics that had different textures; voile, minky, and soft corduroy.
Together they made a wonderfully soft and warm quilt for Connie.

 And then on Christmas day my sister and I drove out to hand deliver it to Connie.  I tried to pull together a few Spanish words and tell Connie about the quilt-I failed miserably.  But she loved it spite of my terrible Spanish and immediately told us she would take it to her twice weekly trip to dialysis.
I hope that this quilt has and will bring HOPE and a measure of comfort to Connie's life.

And finally, I pieced this pink top together yesterday--I just love all of these prints.


Linda said...

Please don't apologize for venting in your last post. We all need to vent sometimes and you are among blog friends who know your work and were just as surprised as you were about the 'rejection'. It seemed pretty crazy. Anyway, now that you vented, you can move on. Thoughtfully listening is another thing this wonderful blog community does for each other.

Finn said...

The quilts that are made and those in progress are just lovely and I'm sure they will bring great comfort and joy to each person who receives them.
The harsh words of the woman, in the name of charity quilting stung, I know. But I also know you aren't going to let that get you down or keep you down. Just leave her in your dust as you zoom on to better things. There must be a reason for you NOT to be part of that particular group. Keeping the faith in the work you do and inspire will accomplish much. Big hugs, Finn

Brittany said...

I love all of those quilts. The blue and pink one; I especially love Connie's quilt. I would love to know how you put it all together. Including how you put on the binding. A textured quilt is a wonderful idea. Something new for me to think about.

Brittany said...

Oh, I love the grey scrappy one too. I love scrap quilts, and this one just sparkles with the grey.

PolkaDotClassic said...

You do amazing work!!
Not just on the beautiful quilts that you create but in the special way of you delivering it .
We have seen so many times with charity organizations where they fall short of caring for others.
You on the other hand give with your Heart and thats the most important thing for the recipient. Keep up with your wonderful work at Margaret's Hope Chest. Your real calling is for you to keet it alive and bring Joy and Love.
And to give inspiration to all your readers thru our tear's fill eyes while we read your blog.
God Bless you,

Katie said...

I LOVE that quilt for Connie!! Where did you get the fabrics? Did you follow Red Pepper's binding tutorial - it looks like you did it with a zigzag stitch. I'll have to try it that way some time.