Wednesday, January 19, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

What is one way to brighten up a dreary winter week?? Collect the brightest cat prints and solids you can find and go to work.  This is my work in progress this week
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

and I have shared over on Lee's blog-- Freshly Pieced
Lee is a friend of Margaret's Hope Chest--she is making a quilt for Wrapped in Hope
I can't believe I forgot to share my big win on the blog--it must have been the excitement of the holidays.
Actually, I think I only entered her contest because there was actual skill involved because after entering a million other contests I have finally realized that the random number generator does not like me or my comment--EVER. 
Please don't think less of me when you read my entry--quilters can have a sense of humor too :)!
Do you have something you are working on that would could link up at her blog.  Get some feedback and support from others quilters!
 This quilt top will soon be a completed quilt for Nichole from Texas will be 12 on February 12--hey I just realized it is her golden birthday this year! She likes pink/black and cats and as you can see I took that quite seriously.  She is on our 'Wrapped in Hope' birthday list which, by the way, has only 86 available kids left.  Hurry and grab one before they are all gone (am I sounding like a broken record yet?)!

So, here is a question:  How would you suggest I quilt this?  Straight lines, meander-stitch, swirls?

I love this top and it is brightening my house this week--and I don't even like cats!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Congrats on that win!! The quilt top is lovely; like you said...cherry on a winter day

Linda said...

maybe long squiggly lines lengthwise? Very cute however you finish it!

Mary said...

Just a thought, I don't mind if you hate it, but what if you did straight lines from top to bottom in the solid spaces, and framed the cat pieces with quilting along the way (as in outline the cat pieces as you work your way down). Make any sense at all? Very great nonetheless :)

Lee said...

Oh, so bright and cute! She will love it! I second the squiggly lines suggestion, I think that would work very well.

Thanks for linking up! I still love the song! : )